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Reduces Numbness And Stiffness  

Relieves Arthritis Pain

Heat Compression Deep-Infrared Energy

Air Pressure Massage Technology  

2,000 five-star reviews in 3 weeks

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Natural Acupressure Feeling

Mimics and utilize the practice of meridian acupoint or acupressure massage techniques.



"Absolutely love this product. I suffer with aches and pains through out my hand and wrist and this gives a high level of relief from this pain. The heat along with the deep massage combine great together to target problem areas." - Theresa

Built-in Air Pressure Inflate & Deflate

Soothing Deep Infrared Heat Theraphy

Wireless, USB Rechargeable & Portable

Ergonomic & One-size Fits All

Ideal Gift Choice For Yourself & Love Ones

You deserve painless & Relaxing Days


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The concept is to bring benefit not just to the hand but to the entire body and mind.


Infrared heat technology provides soothing heat to the palms at your choice of 98F or 107F (35/42C). The heat promotes healthy blood circulation to soothe sore muscles, reduce hand fatigue, discomfort, soreness, numbness, cold fingers and hands, and symptoms of carpal tunnel.


Intelligent (air pressure) technology precision engineered using sophisticated microchip programming generates a soothing rhythm that is customizable and imitates reflexology-like kneading of the acupressure points in the fingers, palm, top and bottom of the hand.


Ability to customize your massage. Three air pressure options and hundreds of specially designed dimples provide just the right amount of coverage and pressure to the acupoints on the hands and fingers.The emergency release button will allow your hands to be out of the massager immediately.


After applying hand lotion, use the HeyPalm heat compress function independently so that the skin can better absorb the lotion quickly and more evenly. Use the included gloves to keep the inside of the machine clean.It could be one of the daily necessities for you and your family, or you can put on your office desk to enjoy during short rest.

$249.97 USD$104.97 USD

Improves Overall Health

Natural Life-Like Massage

Certification Allows product to be commercialized worldwide

Guaranteed Free Sipping in USA

2,000 five-star reviews in 3 weeks


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What is your return policy?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we want to make things right in case the massager does not meet the customer expectations. If you are not 100% satisfied we will provide a full refund.

Does this apply a strong pressure to the area between the index finger and thumb?

It depends on how you fit your hand into the hand massager, you just have to find your own right spot in order to feel the benefits of the massage. The intensity pressure I6 is very strong.

How long does it take for the hand massager to be fully charged the first time?

Thank you for your attention to HeyPalmHand Massager. This Hand Massager has been fully charged since it left the factory. You can charge it again when it is out of power next time,The charging time is 30 minutes.

Does it have heat compression?

Yes, the HeyPalm hand massager has a built int deep-infrared heat technology that allows extra comfort and compresstion into your hands.

There are many similar products online. What's HeyPalm hand massager difference between this one and the others?

Besides the extra air-pressure function, unique 6 levels of massage & intensity. We backup our product with lifetime support and guarantee.

Can this hand massager really relieve palm pain

Herry (Loyal Customer) answered this: My wife has arthritis, and she says there's nothing better than to give her a good night's sleep and this hand massage machine is a good product

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